“She found her passion right before she remembers herself as a person. Her curiosity, vivacity and critical thinking since ever, pushed her to embrace this passion by developing her hard skills in the art fields.

She started attending painting classes during her teenage years. By that time, she didn’t know this would be one of the wiser and preponderant decisions in her career. Painting, drawing and creating would become, afterwards, Bárbara’s true vocation.

Later, while working as decorator and interior designer she finally decided to pluck up courage and show the world her paintings. I dare to say it was then that she was discovered. At this time, there were no doubts about her talent. She was gifted.

Bárbara’s masterpieces show a lot of herself. In very mysterious ways, Bárbara bring us life, joy, color and movement. If we look very deep into it, we might understand her very particular artist soul.”


in Renata Campos

Bárbara Campos